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Aerialoop is selected to be one of the presenters in the exclusive Abundance360 Summit

Abundance360 is Peter Diamandis' year-round Mastermind and Executive program, an exclusive event which has chosen Aerialoop, a LATAM drone delivery company, to be part of this forward thinking summit.

From all the startups in the world, Abundance360 puts an eye on this fastest-growing drone delivery airline. With only one year in the market Aerialoop became one of the leading drone delivery companies operating 300 average flights a week, per route, in their multiple international locations.

Aerialoop has developed the technology that makes it possible to quickly bring goods from the city to the suburb, and in the near future will serve inner city routes as well. Gaining experience everyday as an operation delivery airline, they hope to improve people's lives by reducing costs, creating access and improving the speed of their delivery needs.

A vision that perfectly fits the abundance mindset that Diamandis' will spread during four days in California to founders, investors, and CEOs from all over the world; for them to harness the latest technologies, create wealth, and solve significant global problems.

As part of the only 5 drone delivery companies in the world that have the permission to fly “beyond visual line of sight”, Aerialoop will use the opportunity at Abundance360 to speak about the way their technology connects people, breaks distances, and helps the environment.

Pedro Meneses, CEO of Aerialoop says: "I am thrilled and honored to share with the select Abundance 360 members, how drone delivery is starting to change our lives in practical daily applications today."

Abundance will be held from April 19 to April 22 and will dive into longevity, age reversal, health, immunity topics, and the future of life. Some of the companies and universities that will participate in the event are: ARKinvest, Future Ventures, Alphabet Moonshot, Salesforce, Harvard University and so on.

To date, Aerialoop has locations in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and is already targeting 20 new routes in Latin America, to achieve 6000 average flights a week in the next 2 years.

Want to know more about this drone delivery company? Fly with Aerialoop! ➡️

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